Certificari Certificari
   At the time of the club foundation in 1947, there was a military volleyball team - namely the military seamen which was functioning as local championship coastline.
This team was transferred to Bucharest and its components were completed with other military athletes, namely Vasile Moraru Danielescu Cicero, Peter Cosmanescu Romel and Plato.
New team debut took place in a regional championship, in September 1947, and then the next championships was completed undefeated.
The evolution of the military volleyball team, renowned for their value, the eternal duel with Rapid
and Dinamo as main opponents all of these are now appreciated as a very important Romanian contribution to the development of volleyball.

Summer Olympic Games - one bronze medal;
World Cup - two medals (one silver, one bronze);
European Championships - five medals (three silver, two bronze);
WORLD UNIVERSITY GAMES - two gold medals;
World Cup - one 6th place and one 7th place;
European Cups / club - eight medals (5 silver, 3 bronze);
SPARTACHIADE MILITARY SUMMER - 3 medals (1 silver, 2 bronze);
GAMES BALKAN - 20 medals (6 gold, 10 silver, 4 bronze);
National Champion - 17 senior titles.