Established in 1994 as a joint stock company owned by the state, the MOUNTING CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT COMPANY is the descendant and successor MONTAJE Ploiesti Building Contractor activity Prahova, founded in 1976 as part of S.C. I.C.I.M. S.A. Brasov, the company recognized and established in light of the objectives achieved among manufacturers and industrial buildings.

Taking the whole enterprise assets Prahova, Prahova organized in 1991 as a subsidiary of S.C. I.C.I.M. S.A. Brasov, following an extensive process of restructuring the company -divizare "mother", the new company, given the current legislative climate, started in 1995 the privatization process, resulted in a contract with AVAS Bucharest has had the sale of shares to employees.

In 2003, the company has honored all its debts to AVAS, took the majority stake of the company URBAN ELECTRIC Ploiesti, established in 2000 and its main activity the execution of electrical installations for civil and industrial construction.

S.C. I.C.I.M. S.A. Ploiesti has a collection that allows it to cover the entire range of activities specific to a general contractor for construction:

Ploiesti production hall with an area of 56,029 square meters, equipped with:

Industrial hall area of 6,000 sqm, with two openings, equipped with two podium 5 tf and two podium 3 tf .;
-3 Concrete plants;
- Downloadable static cement;
- Atelier Prefabricated;
- Laborator Concrete attempts authorized;
- Atelier Of metal;
- Equipment - Transportation Section;
-15 Excavators;
-7 Chargers;
-5 Bulldozers;
-4 Cranes;
-4 Concrete pumps;
-7 Dumps;

Hal manufacturing windows and doors;
-Deposit And other accessories.
Static concrete and sorting in Doftanei Valley, Prahova
Sorting static in Vladeni, Dambovita
Spring static queue sorting - Manesti, Prahova