Urban Services is a young company, founded in early 2004, working in the maintenance of electrical installations, heating, plumbing for industrial buildings, office buildings, hotels or private residences servicing of generators and UPS headed by a team of specialists who have rich experience in the field.

Urban Services was born from the desire to offer the ideal solution for maintenance and complete any object from buildings to private residences Related Industry. Staff

Urban Services provide advice for choosing the right energy sources since known that a generator or power ups and incorrectly chosen as the final destination is in an economic loss as a gain not supposed to be.

Why Urban Services?

Because we are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic.
Because we are 24 hours from 24h to our clients.
Because we own machines, devices and tooling performance.
Because all of our specialists come from electronic and electrical equipment, automation and motors; heating and sanitary.
Because always respected quality standards and norms.
Because we respect our customers both before and after they arrived beneficiaries of services or products offered by us.