WIM BOSMAN Ploiesti (logistic centre) - 2004-2005 Investment: 3.300.000 Euro
Construction and installations works - 10.400 sqm;
- site organizing;
- provisional access road execution;
- design, authorization, construction;
- geotechnical study;
- topographic evaluation;
- project documentations;
- excavations, embankment;
- foundation;
- resistance structure;
- industrial concrete floor;
- architecture: exterior closings, including the roof, skylights and exterior joinery;
- interior construction works partitions and fine works;
- sectional gates;
- installations: water, sewer, ceiling sprinklers system, signaling and control device, interior hydrants, storm water sewerage;
- ventilations;
- gas installations;
- heating system;
- electrical installations (lighting, sectional doors power supply, smoke hatch activation, grounding and lighting rod);
- surveillance system for installations (fire warning installation, data-voice installation);
- outdoor installations: sewerage, rain drainage, water, fire water and gas installations, exterior hydrants network, exterior sprinklers network, exterior water network, gas network;
- outdoor lighting;
- interior roads works/platforms loading docks.